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WMC Action News 5 TV Review - 2017

"The Memphis four piece pulled out all the stops to bring their audience a flashback that’s true to the Zeppelin sound, stage show, and look.

This act is the closest representation to the 70s-era Led Zeppelin that Memphis will ever see."

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LED ZEPPIN' is the ULTIMATE tribute to the greatest rock band of all time - Led Zeppelin!
We couldn't describe the band better than this facebook post:

"If you want to have a taste of the 70's and what a Zeppelin concert was really like live, these talented musicians are spot on !!  The music is so real and on target, you're convinced it's the original members. Along with the stage show and costumes, time goes back right before your eyes and ears. Nothing but compliments and good wishes..."

                                                                                    John Flora

January 27 & 28
The Stage Stop in Memphis TN

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